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YouthLaw SFVC referral information

A state-wide service for young people under 25 (or their workers).

On this page

Types of assistance:

For clients

  • Youthlaw provide ongoing support, advice, and representation - prioritising young people who are not eligible for VLA assistance and are experiencing one or more of the following:
    • family violence
    • homelessness
    • mental health issues
    • drug and alcohol issues
    • physical or intellectual disability
    • child protection involvement
    • victims of crime/abuse
    • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • are from a culturally and linguistically diverse, asylum seeker or refugee background
    • are experiencing financial hardship or having difficulty accessing legal assistance (eg. living in regional Victoria).
  • One-off information and/or advice to young people who call, email, or fill in form at
  • Family violence: Youthlaw has a small family violence program of lawyers and youth workers. They specialise in supporting young people under 18 using or experiencing violence in the family home. They offer legal advice, court representation at some court locations and assessment for family violence case work support.

For other legal staff

  • Secondary consults via our telephone line or via email with priority given to young people, those working with young people and community lawyers needing secondary consultations.

Key eligibility criteria:

  • Young person under 25 years of age in Victoria.

Contact details for referral:

Essential information

What should I know before making this referral?

All young people under 25 in Victoria (or their workers) can call the general advice line (9113 9500) between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for legal advice or information.

Alternatively, can email

Service might be limited to a phone call, advice appointment or may be ongoing representation.

For ongoing assistance client must not be eligible for VLA assistance.

Leave a message or email if the phone lines are busy and a return call will be made within 3 business days.

What should I do before making this referral?

If you would like a secondary consultation, you can contact Youthlaw directly.

Family violence:

  • Secondary consults with Family Violence team to clarify eligibility and what support Youthlaw can provide on 9113 9500 or email to
  • Seek young person’s consent to make the referral.
Making an effective referralProvide the young person’s name, contact details and a brief description of their legal matter.
What do I tell my client about this referral?Youthlaw will attempt to call the young person back the same day but in some circumstances a call back will occur in a few days. Depending on the nature of their matter and personal circumstances, the service might be limited to a phone call, advice appointment or may be ongoing representation
What happens after I make the referral?A Youthlaw lawyer will speak directly to a young person and provide information and/or advice and triage through a weekly casework meeting (if relevant and meets criteria).