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When police release information

Information in this topic is changing on 1 December 2021 For a summary of the changes see Spent convictions from 1 December 2021

The Victoria Police have an Information release policy that sets out when they release information about the criminal history of a person to other individuals or organisations.

Unless an exception applies, police will not release a person's police record to an individual or organisation unless that person with the criminal record consents to its release.

Their website has information about how to apply for and check and some answers to common questions.

See Victoria Police—National police record checks and fingerprinting(opens in a new window).

Seeking a record for personal use only

A person can apply to police for their own private information.

See What information is released?

Police will release a person's criminal history without consent if:

  • the information is required by other police forces
  • it is going to organisations who have responsibility for:
    • law enforcement
    • administration of justice.

More information


Victoria Police

The police website has information about how to get a police check and when information will be released.

See Victoria Police—National police record checks and fingerprinting(opens in a new window).