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Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service SFVC referral information

Villamanta lawyers help people with disability related legal problems

On this page

Types of assistance:

For clients

  • Legal advice and support on financial abuse, guardianship/administration orders, disability accommodation issues, supervised treatment orders, problems with disability service providers, National Disability Insurance Scheme.

For other legal staff

  • Secondary consults.

Key eligibility criteria:

  • People with a disability needing information, legal advice or referrals about disability-related legal issues.

Contact details for referral:

Essential information

What should I know before making this referral? Cannot guarantee casework or give legal assistance to everyone.

Villamanta can refer clients into non-legal advocacy support.

Villamanta cannot assist with:

  • Family law
  • Disability Support Pension and other Centrelink payments
  • Discrimination
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal charges.
What should I do before making this referral? Check eligibility criteria.

Obtain client’s informed consent for referral.

Ask client for concession card details.

Assist client to write down the details of their story. This assists where a client might be unsure what services need to know or may forget what they have already told and to whom.

Call ahead if possible, to explain client’s case so it doesn’t all fall on the client to explain the details of everything again.

Making an effective referral Make a warm referral.
What do I tell my client about this referral? Villamanta will call the client and explain services to them. This might be a lot of information for them to take in.
What happens after I make the referral? Villamanta will call the client.