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Services and info for clients about child support

Key services, information and resources for clients in relation to this topic.

VLA produces publications and information on the website for clients about this topic.

See VLA resources for clients.

Services Australia

The Registrar at Child Support within this Commonwealth department (formerly known as Department of Human Services) is responsible for administering Australia's Child Support Scheme, supporting separated parents to transfer payments for the benefit of their children. It has detailed information to help with child support queries.

See Services Australia—Separated parents(opens in a new window).

The site has translated information in several different community languages.

See Services Australia—Information in your language(opens in a new window).

The department's site also has a page dedicated to Indigenous communities to assist them with child support issues.

See Services Australia—Indigenous Australians(opens in a new window).

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

A person who is not satisfied with a decision about their child support payments may be able to seek a review from the Social Services and Child Support Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

See Administrative Appeals Tribunal(opens in a new window).

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

The court helps parents to resolve their disputes about child support.

See Federal Circuit and Family Court—Finances and property(opens in a new window)

Family Relationships Online

The Family Relationships Online service can provide free legal advice and information about services available to assist anyone with family relationship issues, including information that relates to family law proceedings.

See Family Relationships Online—Family relationship advice line(opens in a new window).

Amica: to help separating couples

Amica is an online tool, developed by National Legal Aid, that is designed to empower separating couples to resolve their family law disputes online. The tool is designed for couples whose relationship is relatively amicable to negotiate and communicate with each other online, in their own time and space.

The tool uses artificial intelligence technology to suggest the way assets should be split, taking into account:

  • the particular circumstances of the separating couple
  • the kinds of agreements that couples in similar circumstances have made, and
  • how courts generally handle these kinds of disputes.

The tool creates a suggested division of assets, which can be used to formalise a property agreement or to use to apply to court for consent orders.

The tool can also help parents to develop a parenting plan for their children.


There is fee ranging from $165 to $440 per couple, depending on their circumstances. .

See Amica(opens in a new window).

Federal Circuit and Family Court YouTube

The court has launched a series of YouTube videos that are designed to assist people who are representing themselves in court. The videos explain how to prepare for court, what to bring, what the court layout looks like and court etiquette. There is also a video that explains how to apply for divorce and how to serve divorce papers.

The following videos may be of particular interest:

  • A new court structure
  • What to expect when attending a court hearing
  • You can separate smarter

See Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia—Official YouTube account(opens in a new window).

Court network

This voluntary, non-legal service provides support, information and referral for people who are involved in the court system. They have an online referral service so that people can make a booking before they attend court to get some help from a volunteer.

See Court Network(opens in a new window).

The service also provides a booklet for people who are representing themselves at a final hearing in the Family Law Courts.

  • 'Resource booklet for people attending a final hearing in the Family Law Courts without a lawyer'

See Court Network—Brochures(opens in a new window).

ASIC Money smart

This site has information to help people who are having difficulty with debt and managing thier money.


Department of Finance

Discretionary compensation

The Commonwealth Government has the power to provide discretionary financial assistance in cases where they believe that there is a moral responsibility to provide assistance (rather than a legal responsibility).

One avenue of compensation is through the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (CDDA Scheme). This scheme may provide compensation where a person has suffered detriment due to the defective actions or inaction by the Commonwealth Government.

Decisions about compensation under this scheme are made by the Minister responsible for the relevant non-Corporate Government agency that is alleged to have been defective. Agencies include: Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support, Federal Police, Australian Tax Office, Department of Health, Department of Education and Training, Department of Home Affairs.

See Department of Finance (Cth)—Scheme for Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (the CDDA Scheme)(opens in a new window) .