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Services and info for clients about buying and selling

Services and info for clients about buying and selling.

VLA produces publications and information on the website for clients about this topic.

See VLA resources for clients

Consumer Affairs Victoria

The consumer affairs website has publications to assist buyers about their rights in relation to shopping, including bag searches, shop breakages, refunds, buying a car or a mobile phone, repairs and replacements, refunds and receipts.

See Consumer Affairs Victoria—Products and services(opens in a new window).

The following publications are also available:

  • Be smart-buy smart
  • Lay-by Easy English factsheet
  • Phone sales easy English factsheet
  • Refunds easy English factsheet
  • Shopping tips easy English factsheet
  • Contracts easy English factsheet
  • Door-to-door sales easy English factsheet

See 'Shopping' in Consumer Affairs Victoria—Forms and publications(opens in a new window)

See also Consumer Affairs Victoria—Contact us(opens in a new window)

To complain see Consumer Affairs Victoria—Resolve your problem or complaint(opens in a new window)

For information specifically about buying and selling a motor vehicle see Consumer Affairs Victoria—Cars(opens in a new window).

Consumer Action Law Centre

The Consumer Action Law Centre is a campaign-focused consumer advocacy organisation. Their website has information to assist consumers including the following categories of consumer information:

  • bills and money problems
  • debt collectors
  • cars
  • loans and credit
  • products and services
  • insurance

See Consumer Action Law Centre—Fact sheets(opens in a new window)

See also:

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT

VCAT can assist consumers who have complaints about faulty or poor quality goods and services, repairs, refunds, returns or exchanges, breach of contract, and unfair contracts.

See VCAT—Goods and Services(opens in a new window).

This site has a workbook to assist consumers who are in dispute with a trader about the quality or performance of their service and want to make a claim through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

See Peninsula Community Legal Centre—Civil claims workbook (PDF)(opens in a new window)



Good Shepherd loan scheme

This agency provides no interest loans for people on low incomes if they need money to by necessary whitegoods, furniture, health or dental expenses, education essentials (like textbooks) computers or electrical goods. It cannot be used for paying bills, holidays, rent or cash.

To be eligible, a person needs a pension card or health care card, to have lived for more than 3 months in their current home and to show some capacity to repay the loan.

See Good Shepherd—No interest loan scheme (NILS)(opens in a new window).

Law Institute Victoria

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) Legal Referral Service provides client referrals to lawyers across Victoria. The referral service operates a telephone service during business hours and an online service through the LIV website.

Referrals are tailored to meet client needs and provide a listing of up to three law firms practising in a particular area of law. All law firms participating in the referral service undertake to see clients for the first 30 minutes free of charge. This interview can be used to determine the nature of the legal issue and discuss the available options. Normal fees are charged after the first 30 minutes or if work needs to be prepared on the client’s behalf.

Phone (03) 9607 9550.

See Law Institute Victoria—Legal Referral Service(opens in a new window).

This is VLA's online referral booking and information tool.

See Legal Help Online (Orbit(opens in a new window)).

Court, CLC, FRC and VLA panels locator

Use Toby's maps to locate community legal centres, courts and private lawyers on the Victoria Legal Aid panel. Search for a list of services near where the caller lives. Search by postcode, name of organisation, phone number or suburb. Tick/untick the boxes to select the search categories.

Do not hit enter to avoid searching globally. Hit F5 to undo this global search.

See Google maps link for CLCs and 29A panellists(opens in a new window).

For Generalist CLCs and Local Government Agencies see Google maps link for General CLCs(opens in a new window).