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Rules and model rules

Information about the rules and model rules that an owners corporation is responsible for enforcing.

Rules are necessary to ensure that the owners corporation is managed in a way that is transparent and clearly communicated to owners, occupiers and prospective buyers. The owners corporation may make their own rules or they could rely on the model rules that have been set out in schedule 2 or the Regulations.

See Schedule 2—Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 (Vic).

Rules that the owners corporation can make

An owners corporation may make rules about the following aspects of the property:

  • health, safety and security
    • safety of children (for example restricting their use of the pool without supervision)
    • waste disposal
    • storage of dangers substances
  • functions of the committees and sub-committees
    • setting out powers, financial controls, reporting and committee functions
  • management and administration including:
    • administration of common property
    • repair and maintenance of common property
    • metering of services and apportionment of costs
  • use of common property, including:
    • how common property is to be used
    • parking restrictions
    • whether laundry can be dried on balconies
    • how rubbish is deposited
    • they can not prohibit residents from adding flyscreens or safety locks
  • lots:
    • what lots can be used for (for example they may restrict a particular business)
    • notification that must be given if renovations are planned
    • when renovation work can be carried out
  • design, landscaping and construction
  • noise, nuisance and behaviour of residents and guests
  • how disputes are to be resolved
  • notices, advertising and fees for administrative services such as copying of the rules.
  • how the common seal is used.

See Schedule 1—Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic).

If an OC makes their own rules

The rules of an owners corporation must not be inconsistent with the Act, Regulations or any other laws. The lot owners will have to meet and vote on the rules before they are adopted. The rules must then be registered with Land Victoria. Land Victoria will record the rules on the plan of subdivision. If not registered the rules will not be able to be enforced.

See 'How to make owners corporation rules' in CAV—Owners corporations—Model Rules.

Model rules

If the owner corporation does not want to make its own rules the Model rules that have been prescribed in Schedule 2 of the regulations apply by default.

See Schedule 2—Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 (Vic).

More information


Owners Corporation Act 2006 (Vic)

  • Part 8—rules of the owners corporation
  • s. 139—provides for model rules to be prescribed in the regulations
  • Schedule 1—gives the power to an owners corporation to make certain rules

See Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic).

Owners Corporation Regulations 2018 (Vic)

  • r. 11—model rules
  • Schedule 2—sets out the model rules for an owners corporation

See Owners Corporations Regulations 2018 (Vic).


Consumer Affairs Victoria

This government site has information about making, enforcing and communicating the rules.

See CAV—Owners corporations—Model Rules.