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Road rules for cyclists

Information about road rules that often affect cyclists.

The Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic) set out the basic rules for people who use roads in Victoria. They include rules for drivers of motor vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other people who use wheeled transport, such as rollerbladers.

Road rules that commonly affect cyclists

As bicycles are defined as vehicles under the rules cyclists must obey:

  • traffic lights
  • stop signs
  • police directions
  • give way signs.

Cyclists can be fined if they ignore these rules. The penalties for cyclists are the same as penalties for drivers unless a different penalty is listed.

Road rules that apply only to cyclists

Most of the rules that apply specifically to bicycle riders are listed in Part 15 of the Road Safety Road Rules 2017. This part includes the following rules:

How a bicycle must be ridden

Cyclists must sit on a seat facing forwards (unless bicycle is not designed to be ridden astride) and keep at least one hand on handlebars. If the bicycle has a seat, the person must not ride a bicycle in any other position than sitting on the seat (r. 245).

Cyclists must not cause traffic hazard by blocking roads or paths (r. 253).


Cyclists must give a hand signal before they turn right. If the bicycle does not have an indicator fitted, the cyclist must give hand signal by extending right arm and hand horizontally (palm open and hand facing direction of travel).

Cyclists do not have to give this signal if they are:

  • making a hook turn
  • turning left or stopping.

Bicycle crossing lights

Cyclists must:

  • stop when approaching a bicycle crossing light that is red
  • stop (if safe to do so) when approaching a yellow bicycle crossing light.

If lights change from green to red or yellow mid-crossing, a cyclist may complete crossing when safe.

Bicycle crossing lights are defined in Road Rules Victoria dictionary.

Cyclists must not ride across a pedestrian or children’s crossing.

Hook turns

Cyclists wishing to turn right at an intersection may choose to turn by making a hook turn unless there is a sign to the contrary (no hook turn by bicycles). The correct way for cyclists to make hook turns is detailed in Road Rules Victoria rules (r. 35).

More information


Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic)

  • Definitions in Road Rules Victoria (dictionary)
  • r. 15—includes a bicycle in the definition of a vehicle
  • r. 35—optional hook turn by a bicycle rider
  • r. 36—bicycle rider making a hook turn contrary to no hook turn by bicycles sign
  • r. 46—giving a left change of direction signal
  • r. 48—giving a right change of direction signal
  • r. 50—how to give a right change of direction signal by giving a hand signal
  • r. 52—hand signal to stop does not apply to bicycle riders
  • Pt. 15—additional rules for bicycle riders
  • r. 245—how a rider must sit on a bicycle
  • r. 252(1)—bicycle must not ride on a length of road or footpath to which a no bicycles sign, or a no bicycles road marking, applies
  • r. 253—bicycle riders not to cause a traffic hazard
  • r. 260—stopping for a red bicycle crossing light
  • r. 261—stopping for a yellow bicycle crossing light
  • r. 262—proceeding when bicycle crossing lights change to yellow or red

See Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic)(opens in a new window).

Road Safety (General) Regulations 2019 (Vic)

  • Schedule 7—traffic infringements

See Road Safety (General) Regulations 2019 (Vic)(opens in a new window).


A section of the Victorian Road Commission site is dedicated to cyclist issues.