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References for violence and the Family Law Act

References related to violence and the Family Law Act.

Family Court

This site has information about family violence including how the court deals with allegations.


VLA Professional support — Family law practice resources

The Professional support team have collated a page of resources to assist with family law practice. The page links to latest news, case notes and other relevant materials. The 'Related resources' section links to the latest edition of the 'Best practice guidelines for lawyers doing family law work'.

See Practice resources—Family—Family violence and parenting(opens in a new window).

Or go to the homepage for this resource Practice resources—Family(opens in a new window).

Case summaries

For summaries of key family law cases see: Family case notes(opens in a new window).

VLA publications for clients

The following publications may be useful:

  • How to run your family law case
  • Airport watch list order
  • Contravention kit

See Practice resources—Family law resources—Family law publications(opens in a new window).

The library has shortlisted some key resources for family law. These include loose-leaf services journals and key texts.

See Library and research—Family law research links(opens in a new window).

LexisNexis Practical Guidance: Family law

This resource has checklists and commentary about various family law matters.

See LexisNexis Practical guidance—Family law(opens in a new window).

Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

This Royal Commission published its report in March 2016. The report made 227 recommendations for change. The aims of the report included: to prevent family violence, improve earl interventions to identify and protect those most at risk, support victims, make perpetrators accountable for their actions and to develop and refine systemic responses to family violence

See Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence(opens in a new window).

Bills digest for the amended definition of family violence

The Commonwealth Bills digest has background information about the amendments to the definition.

See Parliamentary Library—Bills Digest no. 126 2010-11—Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011(opens in a new window).

Attorney-General's Department

This site collects papers, reports and legislation about family violence in Australia. It includes information about the June 2012 amendments to family violence under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

See Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department—Family violence(opens in a new window).

National Domestic and Family Violence Bench book

This publication, developed following a recommendation by the Law Reform Commission report into family violence, Family violence – a national legal response, looks at various aspects of family violence and its impacts. The primary audience for this publication is judicial decision-makers but it has been made available to the public aiming to benefit other legal professionals and service providers who work with victims and perpetrators of family and domestic violence.

See National Domestic and Family Violence Bench book(opens in a new window).

Australian Law Reform Commission

This report, published on 11 November 2011, sets out a framework of suggested reform including final recommendations to improve the legal frameworks and practices to deal more effectively with family violence in Australia.

See ALRC—Family Violence—A National Legal Response (ALRC report 114)(opens in a new window).

VLA Learning Hub

Family violence intervention orders and family law

See papers by Ruth Jeffers and Christal Augustin, delivered on 23 March 2011 about the inter-relationship between Family violence intervention orders and Family law Act. See particularly the flow chart in the FVIO and Family law kit.

See PLE resources—Family violence Intervention Orders and family law(opens in a new window).

Access for Community legal centres

This lecture can be viewed online by Community Legal Centre staff and volunteers. To gain access staff will need to contact the Professional Legal Education team and ask for the link and password. Lecture materials can also be provided on request.

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