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References for uncollected goods

References for uncollected goods.

Personal properties securities register (PPSR)

This Commonwealth Government database lists all personal property where an interest has been registered against it. This allows prospective buyers to do a search to make sure that property like a car or other expensive item is not under finance or does not belong to someone else.

See Personal property securities register (PPSR)—Searching the PPSR(opens in a new window).

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook includes information about goods and documents that have been left behind after a leaving rented accommodation.

See Abandoned goods and documents(opens in a new window).

Lawyers Practice Manual

The Lawyers Practice Manual has information on residential tenancies. This includes public housing tenancies, rooming house residencies and caravan park residencies.

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

See Residential tenancies and other housing arrangements [4.1.101](opens in a new window).

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria assists people with consumer issues. They provide information about what to do if goods are left behind in rental situations or left uncollected when they have been left for repair, for example dry-cleaning or bicycle repairs.


Tenants Victoria

This specialist community legal service has information for renters about what to do if they leave goods behind at the end of their rental agreement.

See Tenants Victoria—Goods left behind(opens in a new window).

VCAT Residential Tenancies List

Disputes about residential tenancy are dealt with under the Residential Tenancies List at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The VCAT website has information on how to lodge an application with VCAT, what to expect at the tribunal hearing and suggests alternative methods of resolving disputes. There is also a FAQ section.

See VCAT—Renting a home(opens in a new window).

VLA Professional support — Civil Justice resources

The Professional support team have resources to support staff with civil justice law practice. The content includes 'Latest updates', 'Civil law reform' and 'Civil justice resources' which links to topics of information in civil law areas.

For information about residential tenancy issues see:

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

The Laws of Australia

Westlaw's encyclopaedia has detailed information about situations where bailment is dealt with under common law.

See The Laws of Australia—Bailment [8.5](opens in a new window).

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.