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References for telemarketing

References for telemarketing.

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

CAV deals with certain complaints about telemarketing agreements for goods or services for personal, domestic or household use, with a value of over $100 (or where the value is unknown).

The Director may arrange a conciliation or mediation session between the consumer and the supplier, particularly if they believe that there may be a reasonable chance of resolving the matter.

Complaints can be made online. A person will have to give their name and address to consumer affairs, they can't complain anonymously. Generally Consumer Affairs will not help until he consumer has tried to sort out the problem with the seller first.

See Consumer Affairs Victoria—Resolve your problem or complaint(opens in a new window)

Or see CAV—Telemarketing(opens in a new window).

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

The site has information about how to make a complaint and the possible penalties that can be imposed.

See ACMA—Complaints(opens in a new window)

Or see ACMA—Do not call register—Enforcement action and penalties(opens in a new window)

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

The VCAT site explains the procedure for applying to the tribunal and links to the application form.

See VCAT—Goods and services(opens in a new window).

Essential Services Commission

This commission, established under Victorian law, promotes the long term interests of Victorian consumers regarding the provision of reliable, low cost, quality essential services such as gas, water and electricity. The code is mandatory. Section 3.4 deals with cooling-off periods.

See Essential Services Commission—Market Code of Conduct (Energy)(opens in a new window).

Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

This specialist ombudsman has the power to investigate and sort out disputes between Victorian consumers and their gas, electricity and water companies.

See Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)(opens in a new window).

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman may be able to help consumers who have complaints about their phone provider service.

See Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman(opens in a new window).

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

This Commonwealth site has information for consumers about unsolicited agreements (when people sell door-to-door or by phone).

See ACCC—Unsolicited consumer agreements(opens in a new window)

See also ACCC—Making a complaint(opens in a new window).