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References for sentencing

References related to sentencing.

VLA Criminal Professional support

The VLA Professional support lawyers have collected material to support lawyers with current criminal law issues. There is some general information about sentencing.

See Practice Resources—Criminal law resources—Sentencing(opens in a new window).

Judicial college of Victoria

Victorian Sentencing Manual

The Judicial College of Victoria's Sentencing Manual has detailed information about sentencing issues in Victoria.

See Judicial College of Victoria—Victorian Sentencing Manual(opens in a new window).

Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual

This manual is used by the courts as reference and guidance to all Victorian criminal proceedings. It includes summary procedural matters.

See Judicial College of Victoria—Victorian Criminal Proceedings Manual(opens in a new window).

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook has the information about sentencing.


Sentencing Advisory Council

This independent statutory state body has been set up to review aspects of Victoria's sentencing laws. The council researches sentencing policies, collects and analyses data and provides current information about sentencing to government and to the public.

See Sentencing Advisory Council(opens in a new window).

Quick guide to sentencing

The latest edition of this guide, published 19 January 2021, explains the 'where, when and how of sentencing in Victoria'.

See Sentencing Advisory Council—A quick guide to sentencing(opens in a new window)

Sentencing Advisory Council—SAC stats

This online resource lists all of the sentencing penalties given for offences with statistics for age and gender demographics.

See Sentencing Advisory Council—SACstats(opens in a new window)

The council website includes a guide, which gives an overview of the sentencing schemes that apply to particular offences in Victoria. This was published in January 2020.

See Sentencing Advisory Council—Guide to sentencing schemes in Victoria(opens in a new window)

The council website also has a research overview of studies done over the last decade about public perceptions of sentencing.

See Sentencing Advisory Council—Public opinion about sentencing(opens in a new window).

Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions

This site includes a publication designed for lawyers, about sentencing federal offenders in Australia. It explains the Commonwealth Sentencing Regime as it applies to Victorians and highlights the differences between jurisdictions.

See Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions—Sentencing of Federal offenders in Australia (6th edition)(opens in a new window).

Law firm Doogue + George

This article compares the public perception of sentencing compared with what actually happens.

See Doogue + George—How sentencing actually works versus how the public think judges get it wrong(opens in a new window).

Jacob Torney, VLA's Deputy Managing Lawyer, Advocacy Team, mentions sentencing in this PowerPoint.

Criminal Law Basics 101 for Legal Help (ppt, 5.9 MB)(opens in a new window)

A presentation given in March 2014 by Jake Torney, Hayden Quinn and Rob Daly giving an overview of the criminal justice system from interrogation to sentencing and a summary of how VLA's criminal law program fits with the Legal Help model.