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References for forensic procedures

Information for staff about forensic procedures.

Australian institute of criminology

This site includes a paper discussing the regulation and presentation of DNA forensic evidence and the benefits of providing juries with a tutorial explaining the profiling process.

See Australian institute of criminology—Enhancing fairness in DNA jury trials(opens in a new window).

Lawyers Practice Manual

Westlaw's Lawyers Practice Manual has information about forensic procedures, including information on when they can be conducted, consent, court orders, admissibility and procedures.

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

See Forensic procedures—When can forensic procedures be conducted? [1.1.1101](opens in a new window).

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook has information about forensic procedures.

See Evidence(opens in a new window).

Criminal Law, Investigation and Procedure Victoria

Westlaw's site has information about the admissibility of evidence when profiling DNA, contamination of samples, as well as body tissue sampling and physical examinations.

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

See Scientific identification of suspects [ID.3000](opens in a new window).

Australian Law Reform Commission

There is information about the creation and maintenance of the Commonwealth DNA database, extracted from the ALRC report, Essentially Yours: The protection of human genetic information in Australia (ALRC report 96)

See Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC)—DNA database systems (ALRC report 96)(opens in a new window).

Victoria Police Manual

The manual has Victoria Police policies and procedures, guidelines and resources that assist police employees to interpret and apply policies. Part of the manual has been made accessible to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

See Victoria Police Manual(opens in a new window).

These guidelines, designed for use by Victoria Police, explain their rights and responsibilities in relation to taking forensic procedures and destroying forensic procedure information under Victorian law.

Note: This resource is only available to staff at Victoria Legal Aid.

See Victoria Police Manual—Forensic procedures(opens in a new window).