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References for discrimination

References for discrimination.

Australian Government—Attorney General's Department

The Government is seeking community feedback about its plans to consolidate commonwealth laws that deal with discrimination. Submissions close on 1 February 2012.

See the discussion paper Australian Government—Attorney-General's Department—Consolidation of Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws(opens in a new window).

VLA Professional support — Civil law resources

The Professional support team have resources to support staff with civil justice law practice. The content includes 'Latest updates', 'Civil law reform' and 'Index of pages' which links to topics of information in civil law areas.

For information about discrimination law see:

justice connect

This not-for-profit organisation (formerly called PILCH) is committed to improving access to justice and protecting human rights. Their site has information for lawyers and advocates to help people who are homeless in relation to discrimination law. The Discrimination section deals with Victorian and Commonwealth laws.

See 'Discrimination' in justice connect's website Homeless Law in Practice(opens in a new window).

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook has the following information about discrimination.

See Discrimination and Human Rights(opens in a new window).

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission has information about discrimination:

or select from the homepage at Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)(opens in a new window).

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

A person has to lodge a complaint to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission before they apply to have their discrimination, sexual harassment or racial vilification dispute heard at VCAT. The VCAT site has the following forms:

  • Application to the anti discrimination list (online form)
  • Application for exemption under s 89 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic)
  • Application for review of a decision

For more details about the Tribunal process see VCAT—Equal Opportunity(opens in a new window).

Judicial College of Victoria

This benchbook has information to guide judicial officers on their role in making Victorian courts accessible for people with disabilities. It provides technical assistance to promote access to justice and respect for the rights of people with disabilities and has a focus on how judicial officers can make adjustments to communication and when directing hearings where the people with a disability are complainants, defendants, witnesses or otherwise participating in hearings.

See Judicial College of Victoria—Disability Access Benchbook(opens in a new window).

The Lawyers Practice Manual

This Legal online publication, also known as the Springvale Legal Service Practice manual, is a practical guide to the law. It focuses on the most common issues faced by your average solicitor – for example: Family law and divorce, property law, Wills immigration and legal aid. Includes useful precedents in most chapters.

See the following resource in the Anti-discrimination section of Part 15 - Human Rights:

See Lawyers Practice Manual(opens in a new window).