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References for copyright

Information for staff about intellectual property and copyright.

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook has information about the requirements and duration of ownership and copyright protection. There is also more specific information on copying material, which includes website design, scanning images and downloading music.

See Copyright and intellectual property(opens in a new window).

Arts Law Centre of Australia

The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the national community legal centre for the arts. They provide advice and information to artists and arts organisations on arts-related legal and business matters including contracts and copyright. Initial telephone legal advice is free.

Their website has information about copyright. It also has sample contracts with explanatory notes and sample wording for each clause. They also have a publication 'Answers for artists' that covers common legal issues that artists may encounter.


The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, non-profit organisation who provides information sheets covering issues such as what copyright protects and how to manage your rights. They also provide a legal advice service for artists.

See Australian Copyright Council(opens in a new window)

See also Arts Law Centre of Australia—Legal advice(opens in a new window).

The Copyright Agency Limited is an Australian not-for-profit organisation. They enable the reuse of copyright protected words and images in exchange for fair payment to creators.

See Copyright Agency Limited—About copyright(opens in a new window)

The Copyright Tribunal of Australia is an independent body administered by the Federal Court. It administers licenses and covers issues relating to royalties and licensing.

See Copyright Tribunal(opens in a new window)

The copyright agency is an Australian not-for-profit organisation to support creators. It aims to provide simple ways for people to reproduce, store and share words, images and other creative content in return for fair payment to the creators.

See Copyright agency—About copyright(opens in a new window).