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References for arrest

Information for staff about police arrest.

VLA website—snapshots and checklists

Information provided by our professional support lawyers to assist lawyers when they are giving advice to adult suspects. Scroll down to 'Practice updates and materials'.

  • Advising adult suspects before a police interview
  • Advising adult suspects before a police interview checklist

See Information for lawyers—Practice resources—Criminal law resources.

justice connect

This not-for-profit organisation (formerly called PILCH) is committed to improving access to justice and protecting human rights. Their site has information for lawyers and advocates in relation to people's rights and obligations when they encounter the criminal justice system. Information includes dealing with the police when being searched, arrested or fingerprinted and making a complaint about police behaviour.

See the 'Police powers' in justice connect's website Homeless Law in Practice.

The Law Handbook

Fitzroy Legal Service’s Law Handbook has information about arrest.


Criminal law, investigation and procedure

This Legal Online subscription service has detailed commentary about the power to search in Victoria.

See The law of arrest [A.20].

Ross on Crime

This Legal Online subscription service defines legal terms and principles that relate to criminal law practice.

See Arrest.

Lawyers Practice Manual

This Legal online subscription service assists lawyers in their criminal law practice.

See Arrest, search and seizure— Victorian powers of arrest [1.1.201].

Victorian Parliamentary Library

The library site has a bill digest with background information about the rise of terror legislation.

See Parliamentary library—Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005, bills digest 62, 2005-6.

This website is dedicated to the support of people who are involved in taking community action in Victoria. It is designed for the general public and for lawyers who represent activists. Information includes the right to protest and police powers as well as the procedure for making complaints about police, protective services officers, private security guards.

See .