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Prison issues 12 and 18 July 2023 - Deputy Commissioner's instructions updated

Deputy Commissioner’s Instruction '1.03 Radio network and communications' and '3.07 - Religion' have been published.

Monday 7 August 2023 at 1:07 am

Deputy Commissioner’s Instruction '1.03 – Radio Network and Communications'

Published 12 July 2023.

Summary of changes:

  • This policy has been amended to permit Corrections Victoria Intelligence Unit staff rostered on duty to use their Department of Justice and Community Safety laptop or tablet in a public prison to support their operational requirements.

Deputy Commissioner’s Instruction '3.07 - Religion'

Published 18 July 2023

Summary of changes:

  • The policy has been amended to reflect that Chaplains will undergo a Fit2Work criminal history check every two years, instead of every three years.
  • In prisons where the cell infrastructure is not compliant with Cell and Fire Safety Requirements, the length of prayer beads or a necklace must be no longer than 30cm. If the length is longer than 30cm, an individual risk assessment will be completed by custodial staff. For prisoners at risk of self-harm or suicide, where the prayer beads or necklace are longer than 30cm, the Risk Review Team must determine if the item needs to be temporarily removed from the prisoner’s possession.
  • Amendments to Schedule 3.07(5) have been made in acknowledgement of Passover where brand new utensils are required.
  • Additional administrative amendments have been made to replace reference to the Operations Directorate with the Offender Services and Reintegration team who now manages the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Services portfolio.