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Marriage of minors

A person aged over 16 but not yet 18 years must seek an order authorising their marriage.

Marriageable age

A person may marry if 18 years or more. Only one party to a marriage may be under 18 years.

A person of 16 years, but not yet 18 years, may marry if they have an order from a court and permission from a parent or legal guardian. If this permission is refused a judge or magistrate may make an an order authorising marriage.

An order will be granted if it is in the best interests of a minor for marriage to proceed.

The person of 16 years must satisfy the judge or magistrate that:

  • the applicant is 16 years
  • exceptional circumstances exist to justify making the order.

Marriage must be celebrated within 3 months of date of the order. After this, the order ceases to have effect.

If a minor has not previously been married they must also produce written consent from their parents (or guardian, if applicable).

The marriage must be celebrated within 3 months of the date of written consent.

If there is no consent from parents, for the marriage to proceed, the person must produce written consent from a judge or magistrate in place of their parents.

A judge or magistrate will give consent if they are satisfied that:

  • consent was refused unreasonably, and
  • it is in the best interests of the minor for marriage to proceed.

The marriage must take place within 3 months of date of signed consent.


The minor must produce a certificate from family and child counsellor, certifying applicant has received counselling regarding marriage.

More information


Marriage Act 1961 (Cth)

Part 2—Marriageable age and marriages of minors

  • s. 11—marriageable age
  • s. 12—authorisation of marriage of person under age of 18 years in exceptional circumstances
  • s. 13—marriage of minor not to be solemnized without consent of parents etc.
  • s. 13(1)(b)—the dispensation in writing signed by the prescribed authority
  • s. 16—consent by magistrate where parent etc. refuses consent etc.
  • s. 16(2a)—counselling certificate requirement
  • s. 20—effect of consent of magistrate or judge
  • s. 21—consent by magistrate or judge and dispensation with consent to be ineffective after 3 months etc.

See Marriage Act 1961 (Cth).

Marriage Regulations 1963 (Cth)

  • r. 12(2)—notice of an application
  • Schedule 1—Forms
    • Form 2—Dispensation with consent to marriage of minor
    • Form 4—Notice of application to judge or magistrate for consent to marry
    • Form 5—Certificate by marriage counsellor
    • Form 5A—Consent of judge or magistrate on application under subsection 16(1)

See Marriage Regulations 1963 (Cth).