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Misidentification in family violence contexts

Information on misidentification of perpetrators in family violence proceedings, police guidelines, and the impacts of misidentification on victim-survivors. The information is suitable for lawyers doing legally aided work assisting both protected persons and respondents in the criminal jurisdiction.

Misidentification: A guide for duty lawyers

What is it? A practical guide to assist lawyers in cases where police have wrongly identified a woman as the respondent (or primary aggressor) in Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVIOs) in Victoria. This document was prepared by the Women’s Legal Service.

Format and length? 27-page document

Victoria Police Code of Conduct for the Investigation of Family Violence

What is it? Victoria Police’s code of conduct for responding to family violence, including protocols for identifying the predominant aggressor and avoiding misidentification (2.6.1)

Format and length? 68-page document

Victoria Police Manual, Family Violence

What is it? The section of the Victoria Police Manual on family violence, which outlines the role and responsibilities of police when they respond to family violence, including when identifying the predominant aggressor (3.6)

Format and length? 52-page document

Note: This document is available only to VLA lawyers. Lawyers outside VLA can email VLA’s library at in a new window) to request a copy of s 3.6 of the VPM.

What is it? An article on the unique impacts of the legal system on LGBTIQ+ family violence victim-survivors published by Monash University.

Format and length? Medium length web page

LGBTIQ+ victim-survivors’ experience of Victoria’s family violence intervention order system

What is it? A report detailing the experiences of victim-survivors in the LGBTIQ+ community of Victoria’s family violence intervention order system. It also gives a series of practice recommendations. The report was prepared by Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre and the LGBTIQ Legal Service, Southside Justice.

Format and length? 116-page document