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inTouch Legal Centre SFVC referral information

iTLC provides legal assistance to inTouch women who are receiving family violence case management support from InTouch family violence case workers

On this page

Type of assistance provided:

For clients

  • Culturally tailored family violence case management support including risk management, safety planning, navigating FVIO hearings, providing information on or making referrals to external services such as housing, mental health, financial counselling services, and support and advocacy with Centrelink.
  • Migration agent assists with visas.

For other legal staff

  • iTCL does not accept direct referrals for legal advice and representation. Client’s will need to go through the inTouch intake process and case management before they can be referred to iTCL.
  • Secondary consultations are provided. They need to be submitted through the inTouch website.

Key eligibility criteria

  • aged 18 years and older
  • female identifying and living in Victoria
  • newly arrived or established migrant and refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • experiencing or have recently experienced family violence
  • InTouch client receiving family violence case management services.

Contact details for referral:

Essential information

What should I know before making this referral? Not all clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds will require support from InTouch.

Client must receive case management support to be eligible for legal advice, if only need is legal advice client should be referred to another legal service.

Warm referrals can be made via the inTouch website ‘client referral form'.

What should I do before making this referral? Check eligibility criteria.

Obtain client’s informed consent for referral.

Explain services provided by InTouch.

Confirm client requires ongoing support.

Making an effective referral Ensure referral form is accurately completed.

Ensure cultural needs are explored and the client requires a culturally tailored response.

Attach all relevant documentation to the referral including MARAM risk assessments, Safety Plans etc.

Indicate if referral is urgent or high risk.

inTouch also offer Secondary Consultations if required.

What do I tell my client about this referral? Predominantly phone service.

Wait times for support vary according to demand and capacity.

Provide housing or direct counselling support.

What happens after I make the referral? Goes to Intake team.

The Intake Senior Practitioner may require further information or exploration of case management needs, safety concerns and/or risk indicators.

Client then contacted by an intake worker for a risk and needs assessment.

If eligible for and requiring case management support, client will be allocated to case manager following inTouch’s inLanguage inCulture Service Delivery model.

Referrer will be notified about the outcome of the referral.