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Interstate rules and authorities

Information about who the authorities are interstate and links to their local road rules.

Although the national road rules have been adopted by all states and territories, road laws, penalties and payment procedures may vary between one state and another.

Victorian drivers who drive interstate must obey the rules of the state that they are driving in.

For more information about the rules of each state see the local authorities below. The state’s legal aid commission may also be able to help with phone advice. Some commissions also have publications about driving laws.

Australian Capital Territory

Road Transport Authority

The department’s website has information on drink driving laws, road rules, road safety and vehicle safety.

  • 'Visiting or moving to the ACT'

See Road Transport Authority (ACT)(opens in a new window).

See Legal Aid Commission (ACT)(opens in a new window).

New South Wales

NSW Centre for Road Safety

The Transport Roads and Maritime Services website (formerly called the Road Traffic Authority) has information and publications about traffic law in New South Wales.

See Roads and Maritime NSW—Safety and rules(opens in a new window).

See particularly Roads and Maritime NSW—Moving to NSW(opens in a new window).

See Legal Aid New South Wales—Drink driving charges and you(opens in a new window).

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

This department has information about road safety, rules and licensing. They also have publications, campaign information and a road users’ handbook.

See Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics(opens in a new window).

See Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission(opens in a new window).


Queensland Government

The government site has information about traffic offences and demerit points in Queensland. It also has a driver guide with information about drink driving and speeding.

See Queensland Government—Department of Transport and Main Roads—Road safety(opens in a new window).

See Legal Aid Queensland—Licence disqualification(opens in a new window).

South Australia

Road safety in South Australia

This government website has information and publications about traffic law in South Australia.

See Government of South Australia—Road rules(opens in a new window).

They Commission a publication about Drink driving and the law and a Motor vehicle accident kit.

The Law Handbook also has information about interstate warrants for unpaid fines and treatment of demerit points.

See Legal Services Commission of South Australia—Publications(opens in a new window).


Tasmanian Government

The department produces a publication about road rules and driving in Tasmania.

See Tasmanian Government—Tasmanian road rules(opens in a new window).

See Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania(opens in a new window).

Western Australia

Road Safety Commission

This website covers a wide range of topics about road safety, including information about road rules and penalties.

See Road Safety Commission (WA)(opens in a new window).

The Office of Road safety also has a website with information for visitors about driving safely in Western Australia

See Road Safety Commission (WA)—Visitors to WA(opens in a new window).

See Legal Aid Western Australia—Cars and driving(opens in a new window).