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How to use LawHub

Information to help you navigate the LawHub website.

On this page

What is LawHub?

LawHub provides staff with quick and easy access to legal information, legislation and other resources to support clients.


The law areas of LawHub are civil, criminal, family, youth, general and prison. Each law area has various topics.

Moving around LawHub

LawHub has not been designed to be used on mobile phones. You'll need to use a tablet or computer.

You can find legal information by using the:

  • law area tabs which will direct you to the index listing of all the topics in that law area
  • VLA website—when you look at our website, don't forget to check out the Practice resources under the Information for lawyers tab.
  • search which will give you a list of links to pages that contain the search term—you can use single 'quotation marks' to search for an exact phrase.

Keeping informed about updates

There are several ways to be kept informed about updates. You can:

  • subscribe to LawHub updates. Subscribers get a brief email when there has been a significant change to the law or to the LawHub site.
  • read 'Latest updates' on the homepage for brief information about changes to the law. (note: Old updates are now available to refresh your memory)
  • check the 'Last reviewed' dates at the bottom of each page.

Information currency

'Last reviewed' is the date when the page was last legally reviewed to make sure content is current.

Topic pages

Each topic has the following information.

This section has information about the law. This is where you'll find most of the relevant content. While LawHub is designed for lawyers, no prior knowledge about that area of law is presumed.


This section sets out brief information about the Acts, Regulations and Rules that are relevant to the topic. All links for legislation are to the Victorian Law Today or Federal Register of Legislation sources of law.

VLA help

This section lists the various ways that VLA can assist clients with matters relating to the topic. There are links to Legal Help language rosters, Legal Help Online, the VLA library catalogue and the most relavent pages of the VLA Handbook for lawyers.

Services and info for clients

This section lists resources for the general public, such as publications, webpages and available services. Relevant service providers are also listed.


This section links to any relevant forms for the topic. They may be direct links to a form, or examples of forms.

CALD resources

This section holds any information for clients that is designed for particular segments of the community, for example resources available in various community languages.

Printing pages

To print the content of a page in a print-friendly fact sheet format use the 'Print page' link in the top right-hand corner of every page. The page will appear with the date of printing, and a brief disclaimer.

Note: Please consider the environment before printing.

Need more help?:

If you would like more training to help you to move around the LawHub site, contact Tim Tyler on (03) 5329 6209 or by email on