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How to register a domestic relationship

Information that explains how a couple can register their domestic relationship in Victoria.

Who is eligible to register a domestic relationship

A couple can choose to register their relationship in Victoria if:

  • they are both aged 18 or over
  • at least one party lives in Victoria
  • are not already married or living in a relationship that has been registered in Victoria
  • they provide domestic support to each other, and
  • they are committed to each other personally and financially.

Applying for registration

Both people in the relationship must participate in the registration process. The form is available from the Births Deaths and Marriages website. The first partner fills out their part of the document and then emails the partially completed application from to their partner.

Both parties will need to prove their identity and their residential status. The easiest way to do this is by presenting a copy of a driver licence and passport. The Births, Deaths and Marriages site explains how to upload hard copy documents online.

The registrar may contact the applicants asking for more information.

See Births, Deaths, Marriages Victoria—Register a domestic relationship(opens in a new window).

How much does it cost?

The applicants must pay $228.10 to register their relationship (current at 23 July 2019). This is not refundable and does not include a certificate or postage.

For details see Births, Deaths, Marriages Victoria—Register a domestic relationship(opens in a new window).

Cooling off period

If one or both parties change their minds, they can lodge a withdrawal form. They must do this within 28 days of lodging their application.

See s. 9—Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)(opens in a new window).

Registration of the relationship

If no withdrawal of the application has been made within this 28 day period, the registrar will register the relationship.

See s. 10—Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)(opens in a new window).

Revoking a registered domestic relationship

A domestic relationship is revoked if:

  • one party dies
  • one party marries (either their domestic partner or someone else)
  • following an application for revocation by either or both parties.

See ss. 11, 12—Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)(opens in a new window).

More information


Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)

  • s. 6—application to register a registrable relationship
  • s. 7—requirements of application for registration
  • s. 8—registrar may require further information
  • s. 9—withdrawing the application
  • s. 10—registration
  • s. 17—the relationship register

See Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)(opens in a new window).


Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria

This statutory body is responsible for registering domestic relationships in Victoria.

See Births, Deaths, Marriages Victoria—Register a domestic relationship(opens in a new window).