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How to apply for parole

Information about the way that a prisoner has to lodge an application to apply for parole.

All prisoners who are eligible for parole have to apply to the Adult Parole Board ('the Board') to be considered for parole.

Prisoners will have to fill out a one page application form. They will also need to nominate an address where they will be living when they are on parole. This address must be 'suitable' for them to be considered eligible for parole.

Prisoners can get help from their case managers to fill in this form. The Case Management Review Committee will confirm that the address nominated and other information supplied by the prisoner is valid before submitting the information to the Board.

See Parole application form.

Violent or sexual offenders

If a prisoner has been jailed for a serious violent or sexual offence, or a terrorism or foreign incursion offence, they will also need to get a behaviour assessment. This assessment is done by prison case workers.

The application and supporting documents will be reviewed by the Parole application—Case management review committee.

Serious violent or sexual offenders have to undergo a 2 step assessment process. This involves a second review by another panel.

See Parole for sexual or violent offenders.

Prisoner notified of board decision

All prisoners will be notified of the outcome of their parole application. If successful, they will also be told of their release date and arrangements for meeting with their parole officer soon after they are released.

Level of supervision if parole granted

As the management of prisoners on parole is determined according to their assessed risk of reoffending, those assessed to be of the greatest risk of reoffending will have to have more intense supervision by parole officers when they are on parole.

For details see How parole is decided.

More information


Adult Parole Board Victoria

This site has detailed information about the processes involved in applying for parole.

See 'Parole process' in Adult Parole Board Victoria(opens in a new window)

For more details about parole see Adult Parole Board Victoria—Parole manual(opens in a new window).

Parole application form

The form to be used when a prisoner applies for parole.

Parole application form (pdf, 87 KB)(opens in a new window)

Application form that prisoners can fill in to apply for parole. Case managers will often help with this.