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Help Before Court: recording advices and appearances (VLA lawyers only)

Information about recording advices and appearances in ATLAS

For pre-court advice, use a Duty Lawyer Record (DLR) and select Service Type = Pre-Court Assistance.
ATLAS DLR pre court assistance option
For an in-court appearance, use a Duty Lawyer Record (DLR) and select Service Type = Duty Lawyer Record.
DLR Duty Lawyer Record option

This applies to any DLRs whether in electronic form, on paper, or directly entered into ATLAS.

Complete a Pre-Court Assistance DLR for each interaction with the same client.

For any follow up work required after the final hearing, use a Post-Court Assistance DLR.

Please note that this page will be updated once Legal Aid Services Online (LASO) is implemented across VLA.

Minor work files

Minor work files and grants of aid should be opened in accordance with the minor work guidelines. Note 'advice only' matters are excluded from the guidelines.