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Forms for violence and the Family Law Act

Forms for matters related to violence and the Family Law Act.

Notice of child abuse or family violence

The form to use for notifying the courts about an allegation of family violence, child abuse or other risk is:

See Federal Circuit and Family Court—Notice of child abuse, family violence or risk(opens in a new window).

An affidavit must be filed with this form.

See Federal Circuit and Family Court—Affidavit.(opens in a new window)

To see a list of all the family law forms see Federal Circuit and Family Court—Family law forms.

Apply to the Commonwealth family violence and cross-examination of parties scheme

The form and information to help applicants can be downloaded below. Forms are also available from VLA offices or at court from duty lawyers and FASS officers.

Download the application form from Commonwealth family violence and cross examination scheme(opens in a new window)

or link directly to the form Commonwealth Family Violence and Cross-examination Scheme application form (docx, 193 KB)(opens in a new window).

Example of how to structure an affidavit

This is an example of how to structure an affidavit in a parenting matter that involves allegations of family violence. This de-identified affidavit, drafted by a VLA duty lawyer, was praised by Judge Bender as being of high quality in its detail.

Note: This resource is not available outside VLA. Please contact Helen Askew if you would like access to a copy.

See Practice resources—Family law resources—Family violence sample affidavit(opens in a new window).