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Forms for rooming houses

Where to find relevant residential forms.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

VCAT helps people to sort out a range of civil disputes. It gives access to a justice system which is modern, accessible, efficient and cost effective.

It hears disputes about credit, guardianship and administration, residential and retail tenancies and the purchase, supply of goods and planning disputes. Applications can be filed online, but the applicant will need to register first.


Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria assists people with consumer issues. They provide information and resources for consumers, rental providers and renters.

Anyone can download or order the following forms from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website:

  • Condition report
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Tenancy application
  • Residential accommodation complaint form
  • Request for rent assessment or repair inspection.

They also provide fact sheets, booklets and translated material for renters and owners of caravan parks.

See Consumer Affairs Victoria—Forms and publications(opens in a new window).

See also Consumer Affairs Victoria—Renting(opens in a new window).(opens in a new window)

Consumer Affairs Victoria also produce the notices that rooming house rental providers must give to rooming house residents at the start of their residency. See:

  • Condition report—Rooming house
  • Rights and duties of a rooming house resident
  • Statement of information for rooming house applicants
  • Notice to proposed rooming house resident—exclusive occupancy right
  • Notice to proposed rooming house resident—shared room right
  • Notice to rooming house resident—consent to increase room capacity
  • Rooming house residency agreement

See Renting>Rooming house forms>Consumer Affairs Victoria—Forms and publications(opens in a new window).