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Forms for calling in fines

Forms for calling in fines.

This Victorian government site provides online application forms related to traffic fines:

  • seeking a review of a fine
  • applying to pay a fine by instalments
  • application for extension of time to pay
  • nominating another driver
  • electing to have a matter dealt with by a court
  • application for a payment order
  • payment plan application.

See Fines—Pay your fine.

Requests to 'call in' fines forms

The Director of Fines Victoria sends prisoners who have outstanding court or enforcement warrants, forms asking them to consent to the Sheriff lodging an application on their behalf to have their fines dealt with by serving time in prison.


  • Request to 'call in' your registered infringement fines
  • Request to 'call in' your Magistrates' Court warrants to arrest & enforcement warrants—Court fine

Download examples of these forms at the foot of this page.

Magistrates' Court forms

A person should use these forms to apply to court if they are facing a imprisonment in lieu for failing to make payments according to their instalment order (download below).

FRA REQUEST FORM - UPDATED 2021 (pdf, 597 KB)(opens in a new window) (Fines Victora - Request to call in your fines)

From 31 December 2017 the Director of Fines Victoria will send these forms to prisoners if they have outstanding court fine warrants or registered infringement fines while they are serving time in prison.

Magistrates' Court—Application to vary instalment order—Infringements (doc, 92 KB)(opens in a new window)

Form to use to apply to vary an instalment order if a person cannot comply with an order due to change of circumstances or circumstances that were not accurately represented at previous court hearing.

Magistrates' Court—Application for a rehearing—Infringements (doc, 101 KB)(opens in a new window)

Form to use to apply for a rehearing where evidence not taken into account about mental impairment or other matters likely to make imprisonment unduly harsh, excessive or disproportionate.

Notice of application to the Magistrates' Court (doc, 80 KB)(opens in a new window)

Application for court order seeking recall of a warrant to imprison.

Enforcement Order Notice (pdf, 699 KB)(opens in a new window)

An example of an Enforcement Order Notice sent by the Infringements Court after the fine has been lodged by the enforcement agency.