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Demerit point system is simplified and broadened

From 29 October 2019  the demerit points scheme is simplified.

From 29 October 2019 the demerit points scheme is simplified. If a person incurs both a licence suspension or cancellation and also loses their licence because they have accrued too many demerit points, the demerit point suspension and the other suspension/cancellation can be served concurrently. It is no longer possible for VicRoads to defer issuing an option notice to a person whose licence is currently suspended or cancelled.

If a person loses all of their demerit points, takes the option notice, and then commits any other driving offence that results in licence suspension or licence cancellation, the driver will lose their licence for double the demerit point suspension period they would have served, had they not taken the option to extend their demerit point period for an extra 12 months without accruing any points. This applies, even if that latest offence did not attract demerit points.

This change applies retrospectively, that is, even if the suspension or extended demerit point period, or the offences that led to the extended demerit point period or suspension happened before 29 October 2019.

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