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Content on the ban on Nazi symbols and gestures in Victoria has been added

Information is now available on the ban on Nazi symbols and gestures in Victoria

Tuesday 24 October 2023 at 4:23 am

From 29 December 2022, it is an offence to intentionally display a Nazi symbol in public or public view. This symbol is also called a Hakenkreuz or the Nazi swastika. Other symbols used by the Nazi Party and its associated paramilitary arms are also banned. The Hakenkreuz or the Nazi swastika is the most widely recognised symbol. Symbols that closely resemble these are also banned.

From 21 October 2023, it is also an offence to perform a Nazi gesture in public or in public view, including the Nazi salute.

There are very serious penalties for intentionally displaying or performing a Nazi symbol or gesture in public or in public view. These can include large fines and imprisonment.

The law does not ban the display of the Nazi symbol and gestures for genuine educational, scientific or artistic purposes.

The LawHub content on public behaviour offences has been updated.