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Childrens Court - Practice Direction for 2022

Children's Court - Practice Direction for 2022 effective 21 March 2022.

Tuesday 29 March 2022 at 2:45 am

Children Court Practice Direction 2 of 2022(opens in a new window)

Effective 21 March 2022


  • For Melbourne and Moorrabin: Online hearings will be held for the following, unless directed otherwise by the Court;
    • Mentions
    • Reserved submissions
    • Conciliation conferences and post-conciliation mentions
    • Readiness hearings
    • Special mentions
    • Release of Children’s Court Clinic Reports
    • Application for the release of subpoenaed material
    • Directions hearings
  • For Melbourne and Moorrabin: Physical attendance is required for the following, unless directed otherwise by the Court:
    • Protection Application by Emergency Care
    • Breach by Emergency Care
    • Application for a new Interim Accommodation Order due to a proposed placement change
    • Application for an urgent interim variation of a Family Reunification Order
    • Interim Accommodation Order Contested Hearings
    • Final Hearings

All other court locations: subject to the local directions, except conciliation conferences which will be online

Adult party in custody: Unless otherwise directed by the Court, appearance will be via AVL.

Third parties wanting to be joined to proceedings

Third parties (opens in a new window)wanting to be joined to proceedings are being advised by the court to email to the court prior to the court date seeking to be joined as a party with the reasons as to why and also for the email to be placed on the court file.

VLA’s Child Protection team is also suggesting that they call the registry and ensure that the email has been received and placed on the court file and ideally, they should copy in the Department too so that they are aware of this request being made to the court.

See also: Law Hub's page for 3rd party proceedings