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Changes to the application of demerit points for special circumstances review applications

The Road Safety (Drivers) Amendment Regulations 2023 commenced operation on 27 March 2023 and made changes to the way demerit points are applied to driver licences for eligible driving-related offences.

Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 1:22 am
The regulation changes apply to any special circumstances review application decided on or after the date the regulations start, regardless of when the application was lodged.

If the application for an internal review (agency review) on the ground of special circumstances is accepted, any demerit points applicable to the offence will be applied to the driver licence.

If the application for enforcement review on the ground of special circumstances is successful, any demerit points the driver received for an eligible driving-related offence will remain on the licence.

The Special Circumstances page has been updated to reflect this change.