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Categories of devices, vehicles and drivers

Information about the different device types, vehicle types and driver categories

What are the different device types?

Rule 304B of the Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic) sets out five types of devices:

  • Portable devices including mobile phones, tablets, media players, hand-held game consoles, laptops and smart watches not being worn.
  • Inbuilt devices including integrated navigation, infotainment, dispatch systems or heads-up displays. This also includes older inbuilt entertainment devices like radios, cassette and CD players with no display or very basic ‘non-smart’ displays (e.g. “104.3FM”, “track 2”).
  • Mounted devices including mobile phones or tablets secured according to manufacturer’s instructions in a commercially designed and manufactured mount or holder.
  • Wearable devices including smart watches, smart glasses and wearable heads-up displays.
  • Motor bike helmet devices including heads-up displays, communicators, cameras and inbuilt or secured mobile phones.

Devices connected to a vehicle’s inbuilt device by wireless or other means are still subject to their device type rules. For example, the rules for using a worn smart watch or unmounted mobile phone must still be followed when it is connected to a vehicle’s integrated infotainment system.

Note: A device does not include a CB radio or any other two-way radio, nor does it include an item in or on a police vehicle, an emergency vehicle, an enforcement vehicle or a sheriff's vehicle.

What are the different types of vehicles?

There are different rules for motor vehicles, and for other types of vehicles. The rules classify vehicles as follows:

  • motor vehicles and motor bikes (rules 304H to 304KA);
  • bicycles, electric scooters and vehicles that are not motor vehicles (rules 304L to 304N); and
  • wheeled recreational devices and electric personal transporter (rules 304O to 304Q).

What are the different categories of drivers?

Rules for L and P platers are different to those for fully licensed drivers. L and P platers are referred to as 'novice drivers'. The Road Rules classify drivers as follows:

  • A fully 'licensed driver' is a person who holds a full motor vehicle or motorcycle license (rule 304GB).
  • A 'novice driver' is the driver of a motor vehicle who has a learner permit, or is on P plates, or has held a motorcycle license for less than three years (rule 304GC).


Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic)

  • Part 18A rules 304A-304Q governs the use of devices in or on vehicles, wheeled recreational devices and electric personal transporters